The Quality of it’s Leadership Will Determine the Future of the Greater Fort Smith Area

"The Quality of its Leadership Will Determine the Future of the Greater Fort Smith Area"


Leadership Fort Smith Alumni Association By-Laws


Leadership Fort Smith Alumni Association (LFSAA) was established by Leadership Fort Smith Board of Advisers to fulfill the responsibility of the Alumni Affairs Committee as defined under Article IV Section 8 of the Leadership Fort Smith, Inc. bylaws, with the responsibility of management and control of the affairs of Leadership Fort Smith Alumni Association.

Leadership Fort Smith alumni are committed to developing networks and leadership within the regional community, facilitating community involvement through continuing education, and promoting awareness of issues, challenges and opportunities confronting our region.


  1. The LFSAA will maintain itself in a financially stable manner at all times.
  2. The LFSAA will direct efforts to develop and recognize leadership in the regional community as well as within the alumni group.
  3.  The LFSAA will provide ongoing support and participation in all Leadership Fort Smith programs and functions
  4.  The LFSAA will develop educational opportunities and promote issues and awareness for its members and the regional community
  5.  LFSAA will develop and promote networking opportunities



The active membership of LFSAA shall be open to all persons who have completed the Leadership Fort Smith program.

Provisional membership may be extended to those who have completed a program with similar structure in another community. Provisional membership status entitles open to attend alumni meetings and functions and to receive all communications. Provisional members who wish to become active members are required to serve one full year as a provisional. During this year, provisional members are required to attend a minimum of two Leadership Fort Smith training sessions and to be determined by the Executive Director and the candidate and to pay an audit fee, which will be 20% of the prevailing Leadership Fort Smith tuition.

Honorary membership status may be granted to deserving individuals upon the recommendation and approval of the LFSAA Board of Directors. Honorary membership is lifetime and entitles the honoree to all privileges and obligations of active membership status.




The routine functions of LFSAA shall be managed by a Board of Directors. A minimum of fifteen (15) and a maximum of twenty-one (21) members shall comprise the board. Two members will be selected each year by the most recent class. All other members will be elected by the membership at large. Election of Board members shall be held at the annual meeting of LFSAA. Terms of board members will be for three (3) years on a rotating (staggered) basis. Leadership Fort Smith staff members will be non-voting ex-officio members. A board member may be re-elected.


A nominating committee will nominate a slate of individuals for president, vice president, treasurer and recording secretary. Election of officers shall be held at the annual meeting of LFSAA.


Except as otherwise expressly provided in these Bylaws, the Board of Directors shall have the responsibility for management and control of the affairs of the Association.


A majority of voting Board members must be present to constitute a quorum.


No one may incur any unbudgeted expenses exceeding $150 on behalf of LFSAA without the prior approval of the board’s finance committee.


Any board vacancy that occurs will be filled by appointment by the President to complete the unexpired portion of that term. Any officer vacancy that occurs will be filled by appointment by the President to complete the unexpired portion of that term.



The President shall preside at the Association meetings and the Board of Directors meetings. The President shall have the responsibility for carrying out the directives of the board. The President shall direct the committees in the pursuit of their goals and shall report to the Board of Directors on all Association programs, activities and transactions. The President, with the approval of the Board of Directors, shall initiate programs and establish goals for the Association. The President will be an ex-officio member of the Leadership Fort Smith Board of Advisors.


The Vice President shall perform such duties as are delegated by the President and shall become President in the event that office becomes vacant. The Vice President shall serve on the finance committee.


The Treasurer shall oversee the keeping of accounts of monies received and expended for the use of the Association. The Treasurer shall chair the finance committee. The Treasurer shall make a report at the annual meeting or when called upon by the President. The Treasurer is responsible for billing members and collecting dues.


The Recording Secretary shall record minutes of Board and general membership meetings.



There shall be the following standing committees of LFSAA:

  1. Communications
  2. Education & Outreach
  3. Social
  4. Finance
  5. Leadership Awards
  6. Nominating

In addition to the six (6) standing committees, the President may appoint members to special committees, as deemed necessary.

B. Membership

Membership on the standing committees shall be open to any member of the Association. A member may notify the President or Executive Director of the member’s desire to be included and the President and/or Executive Director shall then forward that member’s name to the Chair of the respective committee. The board shall encourage participation and will strive to fulfill a member’s desire to serve based on the needs of each committee.

C. Committee Chairmen

The incoming President shall appoint the Chairmen of each standing committee.

D. Communications Committee

It shall be the purpose of this committee to establish means of communication among members, to provide all official publications of the Association in furtherance of the Association’s purposes, and to provide a directory of members.

E. Education & Outreach

It shall be the purposes of this committee to plan and provide programs for the Association membership. The purposes of Association programs shall include education, networking and outreach.

F. Social Committee

It shall be the purpose of this committee to plan and provide social and networking opportunities for the members. This includes, but is not limited to the New Class Reception and the Commencement/Awards Banquet.

G. Finance Committee

It shall be the purpose of this committee to prepare a comprehensive budget consisting of an operating budget and a special projects forecast. The budget will be approved by the general membership. The finance committee will also be responsible for all other fiscal duties as designated by the President.

The finance committee shall include, but it not limited to, The Treasurer, the Vice President, and up to five (5) members appointed by the President (in the case of a tie vote, the President shall cast the deciding vote).

H. Leadership Awards

It shall be the purpose of this committee to identify and recognize outstanding individuals whose dedicated leadership has made significant contributions in our region. The following awards may be presented annually: the Jack White Leadership Fort Smith Award and Community Leadership Awards in the categories of Business and Industry, Education, Government, Non-Profit, Religion and Health Care.

I. Nominating Committee

There shall be a nominating committee whose purpose shall be two-fold. First, it shall propose a slate of nominees for board membership. LFSAA members will be notified when open nominations are being accepted, and all nominations will be considered. The slate of nominees for board membership will be presented for election at the annual meeting for LFSAA. Second, it shall propose a slate of individuals for LFSAA president, vice-president, treasurer and recording secretary. The slate of nominees of officers will be presented for election at the annual meeting of LFSAA. The nominating committee shall consist of no less than five (5) members and shall be appointed by the President.




The LFSAA Board of Directors shall meet at least four times each year at times and places determined and designated by the Board. The President shall give each member written notice of such meetings at least four days in advance of each meeting.

LFSAA meetings shall be held annually at times and places announced by the Board of Directors.


Special meetings of the LFSAA Board of Directors may be called by the President on four days notice (either written or by telephone) to each member. If three (3) members request a special meeting of the Board, the meeting will be called in a similar fashion.

A special meeting of LFSAA may be called at any time by the Board of Directors with at least two (2) weeks written notice to the membership.



Changes to the LFSAA Bylaws must be developed and ratified by the LFSAA Board of Directors, then ultimately submitted to the general membership for final approval and implementation. These bylaws may be amended by a 2/3 vote of the members present at a meeting with at least 30 days written advance notice of the meeting outlining the proposed changes.


Amended May 6, 1992

Amended October 2, 1995

Recommended amendments October 25, 1999

Amended November 9, 1999

Recommended amendments February 15, 2006

Amended August 3, 2006

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